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Smoke It - Walnut - Cocktail Smoker Bundle

Smoke It - Walnut - Cocktail Smoker Bundle

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Level up your cocktail game with the Smoke It Cocktail Smoker from Left Coast Creations. Mesmerize your friends as they watch the smoke fill the glass in unpredictable waves and patterns which will infuse a deep and subtle smokey flavor to any drink.  The cocktail options are limitless.

The Smoke It Cocktail Smoker is crazy simple to use.

Load up the mesh cone with a pinch of your preferred Left Coast Creations natural wood chips.  Place the smoker on top of your glass.  Fire up the torch while pointed away from the glass.  Once lit, point the torch directly into the center of the mesh until desired smoke level is reached, keeping a 2 to 3 inch distance .  Let the smoke sit for about 20 seconds AND THAT'S IT! Remove the smoker and enjoy!

This kit comes with:

The Smoke It Cocktail Smoker made of Walnut

A tin of our Cherry wood chips, Maple wood chips, and Oak wood chips

4 stainless steel mesh cones

Butane torch

1 can of butane


The Smoke It Cocktail Smoker is good for hundreds of delicious cocktails.



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